Friday, 12 June 2015


Who are you? A mystery which is trying to give life to all those feelings within me which are lying dead from decades? Your words carve out a different person out of me---a person who is a stranger to me---a person who is full of those emotions and feelings which I destroyed long ago. The impact of your words has been unimaginable. I am afraid of that day when our eyes will meet. I just dream of that day, I know that may not be possible. I love the way you try to keep things secret but the things between us will never remain so. As a dreamer I always dream---dream to touch you with eyes. A touch with hand will not be so gentle---let me try my eyes---dreaming to touch you with my eyes. Who cares about reality? But you can’t stop me from dreaming either; let me dream.

I am afraid of that day: the day when this mystery will unfold if front of me. I am afraid that the person full of emotions and feelings living within me will come out of this cage, what will happen then? That person has become your slave. The slave of unseen eyes, the slave of unheard voice, the slave of feathery touch which never occurred, the slave of that fragrance of your hair---fragrance which is enough to make one feel out of this world. Imagine when unseen will been seen, unheard will be heard and what never happened will happen then? Imagine, just imagine.

You never paved a way to make this dream a reality and you never will.

Be whatever you are: a mystery or a stranger but, be there. Be there if you want this blood should run through my veins. Be there if you want me to write. Be there if you want this emotionless and stone hearted fellow to make you cry. Be there and let me see your tears running down through your cheeks and meeting at the chin. 

Be there.

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