Friday, 8 May 2015


This hole inside me is widening with every passing day. The darkness of this hollow is making me to become invisible. It is widening, and one day my entire existence will be annihilated by this hollowness. This hole is within me, it is eating me up with its harshness and abrasiveness and I am looking at it with a smile on my face. With a smile to hide my inability; these swollen eyes of mine are the witness to what this cruel hole is doing to me. Puffed-up, red eyes; but you can’t see that. The one who has bestowed me with this hollowness knows it very well. He knows that this hole is eating me up---destroying me. If it could have been up to me, I would have told this hole not touch my heart. Pulverize everything but done touch this heart. Don’t let your dark shadow fall upon this heart which my beloved has lightened up and this all I have. This heart once had feathery touch of my beloved and from then on it is bright---saving my existence. Destroy everything but don’t touch this heart. If you want then pull out my eyes but spare my heart. This is all I have from my beloved as he took away everything but this heart was left here. Was that deliberately done or my beloved forgot to take it away? Whatever was the reason but this is all I have. This darkness which is approaching me is all set to tear me into pieces. Scatter me everywhere. But, all I want is to spare this heart. All I want is to spare that feathery touch of my beloved---the only touch my beloved bestowed me. That touch wasn’t a physical but was something which had its effects on my heart. One day when I took out my heart, it had the imprints of my beloved. Those beautiful imprints of those fragile and minutely carved fingers; Afraid of this approaching darkness I put inside me to at least save it from this ugly darkness. But this darkness is hell bent to destroy everything. I want to cry but I am not so weak. I want to scream but who is going to listen in this world where is everyone is deaf and dumb?

I am destined to perish then let me give this heart to my beloved. It will be safe there like a pearl is in shell. I am not worried about my heart but, about those feathery imprints of my beloved on it.

Come Oh! Beloved take this heart away and let this darkness annihilate me. Let me exterminate and let you live with my heart within your heart.

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